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Vinyasa Yoga


Vinyasa Yoga (also referred to as Flow Yoga) is a style of yoga that seamlessly and intentionally strings together postures and syncs the movement with the breath. The classes are designed to relax, strengthen, balance and connect your body and mind. Classes flow at a gentle pace through a warm up sequence, then moves towards more challenging poses, with options to modify along the way. We finish with slow deep stretches and Savasana, resting in stillness. We explore all elements of the asana practise including dynamic movement, breath, stability, deep stretches, mindfulness and meditation, accompanied with a chilled and upbeat playlist.

Vinyasa Yoga Benefits:

- Strengthens and tones muscles 

- Light intensity cardio workout

- Develops flexibility and mobility

- Calms the mind and reduces stress and anxiety

- Improves focus, stability and balance 

- Improves self-awareness in body and mind


WildFlower Yoga Collective offers Vinyasa Yoga in Flow, Slow Flow, Sunrise Vinyasa and Beginners Yoga forms...

Vinyasa / Flow

Classes begin with a gentle warm-up to awaken the body, prepare the mind, and focus the breath. Traditional poses are then seamlessly and intentionally sequenced together in a flow, that is a light intensity cardio workout, bringing the heart rate up. This dynamic practice builds strength, tones and lengthens muscles, improves balance, focus and flexibility, whilst at the same time helps to clear the mind. It's a wonderful opportunity to let go, and find your flow. 

Slow Flow 

Slow Flow is a gentler and slower style class, the perfect way to blissfully finish the day. We start with a little bit of flow to warm up the body, followed by deep nourishing stretches to get you feeling very zen. The class is great for beginners, but is also incredible for more advanced students who feel like slowing it down and sinking into their practice.   

Sunrise Vinyasa

Rise and shine! Begin your day by powering up the body and relaxing the mind. The range of asanas (poses) involved in the morning Vinyasa sequence are designed to open up and energise all areas of the body. It's a beautifully balanced sequence that gets you glowing and sets you up for a calm and centred day. You will leave feeling energised, grounded and inspired for the day ahead. This class is held outdoors during the Summer months on Fridays at 6am at Sunset Hill, Scarborough Beach.

Mums & Bubs Yoga 

This class is designed for mums with babies from newborn up to the age they start to crawl. This soothing slow flow class will encourage you to gently move your body, relax, rejuvenate, stretch and build strength, all while bonding with your baby, as well as like-minded mums. The next 6 week series will be held in Term 2 2024 at Nest Yoga in Wembley. Tuesday 16th April to 21st May. All equipment is provided. Please bring a soft rug, mat or rocker for your baby to lie on next to you. 

Beginners Vinyasa

During the Beginners class, we spend time working on the foundational poses of Vinyasa Yoga. We explore alignment, technique, transitions and pranayama (breath) in a workshop style format, giving you plenty of opportunities to ask questions and get one-on-one assistance. The second half of the class is a flow, so you have the opportunity to practice what you've learnt. This is a great class for beginners, as well as experienced yogis who are looking for some refreshers. Alignment is such an important piece of the practice, allowing you to gain maximum benefit from each pose.


Yoga for Swimmers

Learn and explore how yoga can complement your swim training. 'Yoga For Swimmers' is a class focused on the shoulders, chest, spine, legs and core. Perfect for anyone gearing up for summer and the swim season! Connect mind, body and breath, so you can stay injury free, aligned and balanced.

Yoga for Surfers

'Yoga For Surfers' is a vinyasa yoga class designed to improve your surfing. Both physical and spiritual, yoga complements surfers to achieve a clearer mind, build self awareness and a stronger, more flexible body. Focus will be placed on opening the hips, strengthening the shoulders and core, and improving overall mobility, focus, strength and use of breath. Connect mind, body and breath, and be ready to ride the waves!

Private Group Classes 

We offer private group classes and 1:1 sessions in the Perth metro area, including Rottnest Island and the Swan Valley. Classes can be tailored depending on the group and what sort of style and vibe you're after. All the equipment is provided, you will just need to organise the location. Contact us to discuss details. Some ideas include:

- Corporate groups

- Team building days / conferences 

- Group getaways / staycations (e.g. in the Swan Valley, City, Fremantle, Cottesloe, Scarborough or Rottnest Island)

- Hens parties - start off the day with an energising flow before you party the day away.

- Mother's groups - time to nurture the nurturer. A gentle slow flow is perfect for new mums.

- Stretch & Sip - where you have a glass of bubbles while you do the class!

Get the good vibes flowing and book your class. 


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